Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New music to weekdays (October 24, 2012)

Ru Paul's drag race sensation Mimi Imfurst and her girlfriends are Xelle and they're back with a fourth single. Check the video for cameo appearances from many of the drag race stars.  Russian trio Serebro are back with a 2nd poptastic offering and Canadian trio Dragonette release the 2nd single from their 3rd album - check the video - interesting lesbian overtones - although lead singer Martina Sorbara is not actually one, apparently.   Aussie contributions from Johhny Ruffo and debut artist Sinead Burgess with Her Royal amazingness Princess Kylie dropping her new single from the Abbey Road Sessions in for us this week.

Xelle - Queen (ZaZaZoom)
Serebro - Gun (EGO/VaeVictis)
Dragonette - Live In This City (ONE/SME)
Johnny Ruffo - Take It Home (SME)
Sinead Burgess - Goodnight America (ISL/UMA)
Kylie - Flower (WMA)

Set your alarm and tune into Rochén and Michael on the six at six for the newest songs to the mix, every weekday morning at 6am.

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