Sunday, December 11, 2011

New music to weekdays (December 12, 2011)

Kelly digs deep for a Christmas ballad, Deni digs deep to fund a suite of remixes which successfully repair her woeful original July release of the '82 Donna Summer hit, Florence keeps on digging in for a class innings (summer cricket joke) plus two other strong independent Aus releases in the mix, keep up the quality while the major labels pull up stumps for the year (another cricket joke...).

Kelly Clarkson - I'll be home for Christmas (SME)
Deni Hines - Finger on the Trigger (7th Heaven remix radio edit) (IND)
Danielle DeLaite - Love Sex Goddess (Hoxton Whores remix) (LIZARD)
Lovers Electric - Love Can Save Us (MGM)
Florence & the Machine - No Light, No Light (UMA)

Set your alarm and tune into Anastasia and Canadian Dave's six at six for the newest songs to the mix, every week day morning at 6am.

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